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Da Vinci International School

Da Vinci International School

Challenging, supportive, stress-free … No wonder it’s so effective!


What are the benefits of attending your school?

Twelve months of school from August to July (summer program is included). Enrollment open all year round, your child can start at any time of the year. Fees: Twelve monthly installments that include everything your child will need to attend school (no registration fee, no materials fee, no building fee, no uniform fee; everything is included). Quiet and peaceful place, surrounded by nature. Spacious classrooms. Well-trained teachers. Small groups: Teacher-student ratio 1:8. Full curriculum: phonics, spelling, grammar, writing, reading comprehension, math, science, social studies, social emotional learning, physical education, arts. Students with no English ability are welcome at all ages, even junior high or high school students. Intense learning time during school hours, tutorial program: one-on-one teaching at your child’s pace. Innovative special coaching and training for children with LD or emotional needs. Good breaks, a lot of fun, field trips to the park, beach, and bike rides every month. No homework: It gives your child time after school for favorite activities such as sports, music, art or Japanese. Challenging, supportive, stress-free … No wonder it’s so effective!

What sets your school apart from other international schools?

We are different from other schools in many ways, starting from how we choose our teachers: Before any teacher takes a position at Da Vinci, we test their knowledge, class management skills and connection with the students. Our school is student-centred, not teacher-centred. The key for us is for our students to learn, the teachers are following the pace and processes of each student, in all the areas of their lives. We are a tutorial school. That is the reason that fast students can accomplish elementary, junior high, and/or high school in a shorter time than average and start their associate or bachelor's degrees at 16 years of age. On the other hand, this is also the reason why students with LD or emotional needs at Da Vinci can learn how to understand their own struggles, face them, find the way to deal with them and face a future with hope. Our goal is to help our students develop the values of hard work, self-control, self-discipline, commitment, love, respect, responsibility with themselves, their families and their communities.

What is the educational motto of your school?

Challenging, supportive, stress-free … No wonder it’s so effective! For the past 14 years, the Da Vinci team has been researching and developing a comprehensive approach to education. We work day by day with all our students in each area. These are not special subjects, but rather transversal guidelines that we apply in the classroom during the six hours of school from Monday to Friday. Our goal is to ensure that our students get lifestyle education and training in order to face their future as prepared as they can be. The seven pillars of our Holistic Approach to Education are:
1. High Academic Standards
2. Strong Core Moral Values
3. Good Relationship Development
4. Self-Control & Stress Management
5. Daily Physical Activity
6. Wise Free Time Management
7. Developing Healthy Eating and Sleeping Habits
Learn more about the Da Vinci Holistic Approach to Education at:


School data

Address: Aza Uesu 449-1, Uruma-shi, Okinawa 904-2222
Phone: +81-098-973-4637
School culture: We consider that we have a positive and productive culture. We all work very hard together — teachers, students and parents — for the success of our children. We make big efforts to find ways to support them appropriately, and we are continuously looking for ways to get better than the day before.
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