• Tsubasa Japanese Language School

The registration fees for all of our courses will be waived off until Dec. 31, 2019.

Fun and the Easiest Japanese

The features of Tsubasa Japanese Language School are:

1. Located in the heart of Tokyo (Roppongi).
2. Short-term courses (1 to 4 weeks) beginning every first and third Monday for all levels of Japanese learners.
3. Small class size with 10 students or fewer.
4. Interactive lessons focused on communicating in Japanese.



Survival Japanese
You can learn practical Japanese, focusing on speaking and listening skills, for daily occasions such as shopping, dining and more.
Business Japanese
You can learn business Japanese, including honorific expressions, for greetings, visiting customers, business manners and other situations.
Elementary/Intermediate/Advanced Japanese
You will learn and build up Japanese grammar and vocabulary from the beginning with the help of text books.
You will study vocabulary, grammar, reading, and listening for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (N1-5).
Japanese for Current Topics
You study various articles from newspapers, magazines, the internet and authentic business materials.


  • We think the most important thing when you learn foreign languages is to continue to study and to try to use what you learned. Therefore, we offer many opportunities to use new vocabulary and new phrases with students and teachers. In addition, we deliver fun classes for you to study in a friendly atmosphere. Please come to our school and enjoy learning a new language that will definitely change your life for the better.
  • Hideyuki Kondo
  • Principal


c/o Dance Studio CASINO Daini-Torikatsu Bldg. 4F, 5-2-4, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo


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