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Megan Takezawa

Since the beginning of my stay in Japan, I knew that I wanted to enroll in an American institution that would lead me to a promising future. During my initial campus tour of Lakeland University Japan (LUJ), I was able to witness how close the students seemed, as well as noticing an openness within the university that made me feel that I could fit right in. Within my first semester, I was able to make friends from all over the world and enroll in challenging, yet engaging, courses that have allowed me to grow. The small class sizes have also made it easier to not only voice my opinion in class, but to also ask for extra help from my professors. By taking a wide variety of classes at LUJ every semester, I have been able to narrow down the subjects that I would like to possibly pursue in more depth in the future.

Balancing classes and extracurricular activities, including being the president of the student government association, has been a challenge, but the faculty members here at LUJ have continuously encouraged me to be tenacious and persevere through each hurdle. If I were to revert to my high school self now at LUJ, I would be in complete shock at my growth socially and academically. From earning poor grades and withdrawing myself from any sort of school events in the past to now being very confident in myself and my own abilities and a leader in school activities, I have gained the confidence to eagerly continue and excel in my studies here at LUJ while leading an active social life. I could not be more grateful for the platform that LUJ has provided me. Thank you.

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