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Ryutsu Keizai University


Department of Tourism, Faculty of Sociology

Ailinigeer Adili

Visiting my older sister, who was studying abroad in Japan, was the start of it all for me. The more I visited her with my mother I found myself enjoying Japan, and my desire to live in the country grew stronger. Although I had concerns about communicating in Japanese, I was able to make improvements, thanks to my friends at my part-time job and the experience of speaking with customers at work. Since I plan to work overseas in the future, I am making an effort to obtain qualifications related to the travel industry and studying English as well. My dream is to travel to various places, and make emotional connections with many people with the skills I've acquired.

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  • 3-2-1 Shin-Matsudo, Matsudo-shi, Chiba,Japan 270-8555

  • Total number of students

  • 5,300 (381 from overseas) as of 2017

  • Opening

  • 1965