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130 (April + September Admission, 130 from overseas) for 2021 Admission



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Kansai University in Osaka started Japanese Language and Culture Program Preparatory Course (Bekka) for international students in April 2012.

The start of the new course coincided with the inauguration of the university's new campus, the Minami-Senri International Plaza, a 15-minute bike ride from its main campus in Senriyama, Osaka. The plaza is set amid greenery and a tranquil environment yet is just 30 minutes away by train from downtown Osaka. Minami-Senri International Plaza has the latest educational facilities, as well as a dormitory with 165 rooms for international students.

The course at Kansai University, which most students will complete in a year, has classes on subjects such as Japanese language, Japanese studies and Japanese culture. The course is targeting students who have basic Japanese skills corresponding to the level N4 or higher of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and wish to enter a Japanese university.

Besides Japanese language skills, students will also develop their ability to use information and communication technology (ICT). Thus, the course prepares students fully for academic activities in colleges or graduate schools.

There are some scholarships for Bekka students.

Six Great Course Features

1. Students will improve their ability to develop Japanese language proficiency and critical thinking skills needed for studying at undergraduate and graduate programs.

  • A variety of classes to develop basic academic abilities and thinking skills
  • Wide range of classes to meet each student's academic needs

2. Students will develop the ability to process information needed for studies at universities.

  • Extensive learning opportunities with ICT and e-learning in and out of the classrooms
  • Nurturing computer and information literacy (information gathering and analysis)
  • Pre-sessional courses utilizing e-portfolio

3. Students will be assisted to continue their studies at Kansai University after Bekka

  • Special admissions by many graduate and undergraduate programs for candidates recommended by Bekka
  • Auditing or registering regular classes in both undergraduate and graduate programs
  • 50% reduction in the admission fee when proceeding to Kansai University

4. Students will become a part of Kansai University community.

  • Student ID issued to each Bekka student
  • The university library, IT center and gym available for all Bekka students
  • Opportunities to join university club activities with prior application screening

5. Students will enjoy living with other students from diverse backgrounds at the Minami-Senri International Plaza Dormitory.

  • On-campus dormitory with the latest facilities
  • Dormitory room available for every Bekka student
  • Kansai University students as resident assistants living together to support the Bekka students

6. Students will develop intercultural flexibility through cultural exchange with other Kansai University students and people from the local community.

  • Conversation Partner Program in and out of classroom
  • Various inter-cultural activities organized by resident assistants and people from the local community

We also have other courses:
Japanese Language Course (JLC)
JLC is offered for one or two semesters.
Japanese Language classes are taught in Japanese, but various Japan Studies classes and Global Frontier Classes are taught in English.

Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Course (IJLC)
IJLC is offered for about two or three weeks in summer and winter.


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A Message from Director, Center for International Education

Kansai University (KU) is a comprehensive private university with an illustrious 134-year history. With the long-established history and tradition in education, Kansai University Japanese Language and...

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Kansai University Japanese Language and Culture Program Preparatory Course (Bekka)


1-2-20 Satake-dai, Suita-shi, Osaka, 565-0855


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Total number of students

130 (April + September Admission, 130 from overseas) for 2021 Admission


Admission fee: ¥100,000 for 2021 Admission

Tuition fee: ¥730,000 for 2021 Admission

Admission Data

Successful Applicants
April 2018 Admission
September 2018 Admission
April 2019 Admission
September 2019 Admission
April 2020 Admission

Examination Results from Academic Year 2019
(The number of students who passed the entrance examinations)

Kansai University(11), Osaka University of Tourism(1), Otemon Gakuin University(1), Kwansei Gakuin University(2), The University of Kitakyusyu(1), Kyoto Sangyo University(1), Kindai University(1), Kobe Gakuin University(1), Kobe International University(2), Tokyo University of Agriculture (1), Tokyo University of Social Welfare(1), Nihon University(1), Hanazono University(2), Yamato University(2), Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University(1)
Graduate Programs
Kansai University(12), Kwansei Gakuin University(1), Kyoto University of Foreign Studies(1), Kyoto Seika University(1), Ritsumeikan University(1)
Graduate Programs
Kansai University(4), Osaka University of Economics(1), Kanazawa University(1)