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Total number of students

328 (42 different countries represented) as of 2016



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Lakeland University Japan Campus — offering an international and American liberal arts education to Japan and the World.

The Japan Campus of Lakeland University (LUJ), a liberal arts university, offers an accredited Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree in Tokyo with easily transferable credits earned through high-quality academic courses in English in small classes with highly qualified professors. The faculty and staff give personalized attention to each student.

LUJ is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and is the only private American undergraduate university in Japan recognized by the Japanese ministry of education. With a current international student population of more than 35% with students from over 42 countries, LUJ provides a challenging yet personalized first and second year of the liberal arts program for students throughout Japan and the rest of the world.

After completing the A.A. program, LUJ graduates are then able to transfer to the Lakeland University main campus in Wisconsin, U.S.A., with academic scholarships or choose from literally hundreds of colleges and universities throughout the United States, Japan , Canada or a country of your choice to transfer and complete the third and fourth years of their studies.


Building Better Bridges

Lakeland University Japan Campus and Home Campus have given me a chance of redemption in education and academia. Although I never was academically involved during my high school years, I realized how ...

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Lakeland University Japan Campus


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Total number of students

328 (42 different countries represented) as of 2016


Admission fee: 238,000 yen

Tuition (One semester, 12 credits): 504,000 yen, Remaining Semester Fee: 504,000 yen

Facility Fee (One semester): 76,100 yen, Remaining Semester Fee: 76,100 yen

Student Activity Board Fee (Annual Fee): 15,000 yen

Event Fees (Annual Fee): 15,000 yen

Tax (8%): 67,848 yen, Remaining Semester Fee: 46,408 yen

Total: 915,948 yen, Remaining Semester Fee: 626,508 yen International students enrolling with a full-time student visa will be awarded a one-time 100,000 yen scholarship.
*Non-applicable to GI Bill Holders.