Total number of students

20,254 (922 from overseas) as of 2019



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An Academy of Freedom

In 1874, Rikkyo University started its history as Rikkyo School, a small boarding school teaching English language and Bible studies. Founded by an American Episcpal missionary, Bishop Channing Moore Williams, the School provided the education through the curriculum emphasizing Christian teaching and liberal arts. Nearly 140 years later, Rikkyo University today has retained its tradition of education based upon humanistic values and Christian concern for others. Based on the founding principle of "Pro Deo et Patria" (For God and nation), the University has thrived and taught generations of students.

Rikkyo University is an academy of freedom. Freedom is an inseparable part of our educational philosophy, where students are encouraged to make their own path. We support students to develop and follow their own interests, giving them every chance to explore and make the most of themselves.

Rikkyo University welcomes students and faculties from different countries and differnt cultural backgrounds. Our campus offers a cosmopolitan environment where students interact with people of differing values and opinions. It's a place where students learn to think for themselves and have the opportunity to expand their international network;a network that will benefit them for years to come.

Rikkyo encourages students to pursue their interests and goals through both a general and a specialized curriculum. Our liberal arts education reaches far beyond major-specific studies, helping our students develop comprehensive thinking skills and interpersonal communication abilities.


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Why I chose to study at Rikkyo University

The reason I wanted to get into Rikkyo was simple: I wanted to study in the department called "Intercultural Communication". The surroundings and the atmosphere was so amazing that I decided to choose...

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Facilities and support programs for international students


  • Rikkyo University offers several different scholarship programs to provide financial and academic support to international students.

Ikebukuro Library

  • The Ikebukuro Library is one of the largest university libraries in Japan, providing enough space to hold 2 million books,and it has 1,520 seats for users.

Obtaining a Copy of the Admission Guideline

  • The admission guidelines for both undergraduate and graduate admissions are only available on the Rikkyo University website to be downloaded for free. The applications for the undergraduate program and the Graduate School of Business can be submitted online.

Center for Japanese Language Education

  • The Center for Japanese Language Education has established nine levels of Japanese language courses, each with content to improve foreign students Japanese while also matching their needs and interests.

Rikkyo University


3-34-1 Nishi-Ikebukuro,Toshima-ku,Tokyo,171-8501


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Total number of students

20,254 (922 from overseas) as of 2019


Admission fee: ¥200,000 at the year of 2020

Tuition fee: ¥1,121,000 - ¥1,850,000 at the year of 2020

Other: ¥3,500 - ¥36,500 at the year of 2020