• ECC Kokusai College of Foreign Languages

Dreams come true with the highest level of Japanese language education and great support !

The featur es of ECC Kokusai College of Foreign Languages are:

This school is located in Osaka, which provides excellent and kind instruction and support for the realization of your dreams.Every year, there are many Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N1 passers.
A large number of Japanese universities and graduate schools have also passed.
Special employment saport is provided for students who wish to work.
There are 1000 international students (about 40 countries) and 2800 Japanese students, including our school and the neighboring sister schools. It’s a learning environment like a big school.
You can interact with many Japanese students at various events. You can experience many Japanese culture and customs such as festivals, calligraphy, ikebana, and Tanabata.n April 2020, an easy short-term course will be held to speak a lot of Japanese and have fun.



Long-Term Course
In this course, students learn practical Japanese language skills (grammar, reading, listening, speaking) through authentic usage/application in real situations.Our teaching style goes beyond the conventional rote-learning style.
Short-Term Course
This course is intended for those who will stay in Japan on temporary-stay visa, working holiday, long-term resident or any other valid visa category. A college student visa is not issued for the students in this course, so the application procedure is very simple.
Private Course
We customize the curriculum and text books to meet your needs. We schedule class times according to your convenience We offer classes appropriate to your Japanese proficiency. We develop the best teaching methods for your ability and goals for studying Japanese.
University course
This is a course for passing a Japanese university exam. Teachers with high teaching ability will educate the curriculum that they have made carefully. You can also master the habit of studying at home by repeating test preparation and assignments that take place every day.
Preparation for advancement Course
Aims to pass university or gate school. This course is for intermediate level students who are not confident in their Japanese language skills. Acquire Japanese language skills of N2 level or higher through daily tests and accumulated homework.


  • I studied Japanese at ECC, became able to speak Japanese well, and passed the Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine!

  • Before entering ECC, I was enrolled at Osaka University Graduate School. But I couldn't communicate with my professors because I couldn't speak Japanese.
    At first, I couldn't speak Japanese at all. Now I can speak simple Japanese. Between my ECC homework and my university studies, I could only sleep 4 hours a day.
    At Kyoto University Graduate School, we will study 3D bioprinting. It creates various tissues such as human cells, cartilage, muscles, and blood vessels.We will study hard to make safe, high-quality materials.
    The entrance examination for Kyoto was very difficult. First, was a interview with a vice professor, followed by the AAO interview. After that was a written test and my presentation of my research plan to six professors, followed by an oral examination. I was so happy when I passed!
  • TAI CHIA (from Taiwan)
  • Student (Expected to graduate in March 2020)


1-5-11 Nakazakinishi Kitaku OSAKA


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