• KCP International Japanese Language School

Intensive Japanese Language program for the serious student of Japanese

The features of KCP International Japanese Language School are:

KCP is a long-established, fully accredited Japanese language school in the heart of Tokyo. We maintain a diverse student body and curriculum recognized for its intensity and effective learning for the serious student. If you want to gain rapid Japanese proficiency, and are willing to put in the effort, our program is a good choice. Full inclusive packages, including cultural class, airport pick-up, excursions, homestays or private dormitory rooms, are available. We maintain several partner universities in the U.S. Academic credit and financial aid may be available. We have semesters, academic years, or two popular summer programs to choose from.



KCP Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Program
Japanese language classes are offered at all levels of instruction. Over one year of university level Japanese taught in just 11 weeks.
University of Idaho Summer In Japan
The University of Idaho offers students an opportunity to earn over one year of university level Japanese language credits each summer.
Western Washington University Intensive Japanese Language Program
Available four times a year, Western Washington University offers an opportunity to study for a quarter or longer. Perfect for study abroad students attending a university on the quarter calendar system.
College Consortium for International Studies
The CCIS consortium of schools in the U.S. offers an opportunity to study at KCP for academic credit and financial aid for it's students. Hosted by Lincoln University.



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